The Arabic language, spoken by around 280 million people and in more than 22 countries, is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations Organization and one of the official active languages ​​of many other international organizations.

There may be several reasons for learning this language: studying reasons, or interest in learning the tools necessary for technical and professional communication, both in the cultural and in the commercial and economic sectors.


The modernized and simplified version of classical Arabic is used in written and spoken communications in commerce, politics, mass media and tourism.


It is the informal language spoken daily, which varies from country to country and from region to region.


Among several Arabic dialects, the Egyptian one is the best known one and the most widespread in the communication among the various Arab ethnic groups. The communicative method and phonetics are the fundamental tools in the study of a language.


Our agency is specialized in Arabic courses and has been doing courses for companies and groups of all levels for many years. Individual lessons are also available for the more demanding students.

Below there are the various courses we have carried out, click on them to view their details.

This course is addressed to those who have no knowledge of the Arabic language or those who, despite having learned some elementary notions, are unable either to easily distinguish Arabic characters or, above all, to pronounce the relative sounds in an acceptable way. After the preliminary assimilation of the basics of writing and phonetics, we will proceed, with the help of texts used in institutions specialized in teaching audio materials to foreigners, to teach the fundamental rules of elementary grammar: name, number, gender, the use of the single article, the nominal sentence, the verb.

This course is addressed to those who already have a basic knowledge of the Arabic language; so they can easily distinguish the characters of the alphabet and have good elementary grammar skills; This is, for example, the condition of those who have taken a university exam in Arabic or those who have attended a first level course. In these courses, particular attention is paid to conversation, and we will also continue to teach the grammatical rules with the discussion of complex syntax.

With the same characteristics of the modern Arabic language course but with a more practical setting, aimed at conversation and an in depth study of the economical and commercial vocabulary. This course is addressed to individuals or companies that need to learn the basics of the language for work and mediation purposes with business partners from the Arab world.

Individual lessons are addressed to those who want to follow a completely personalized path in the study of grammar and in the practice of conversation. They are also addressed to those who are interested in studying particular aspects of the Arab culture and world. In the case of individual courses, the learning path is not divided into predetermined levels, but it will start from the level of knowledge of the language, which the students will prove to have. The exercises will also focus on topics chosen based on specific interests.

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